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Tips for Writing a Cancer Essay

Cancer essay can be rewarding and prove to be complex at the same time. As long as the writer is ready to tackle the data that is out there and bring it all together in an organized and clear manner then they will find pride in this project.

The introduction to an essay of this magnitude should start with your main point or focus. Yes, the topic is cancer but you need to refine the general scope in order to spark interest:

Is this cancer essay:

about one particular cancer?
many types of cancer?
about the genetic factors behind cancer?
about cancer prevention
about cancer treatment?

Of course, how many of the aforementioned questions should be implemented in the essay has a lot to do with the essay length. A writer may only choose one of the above questions to base the project on if it will be a short 250 word essay. Whereas, a writer may decide to include all of the aforementioned if the essay is required to be more than 1000 words in length.

An all inclusive cancer essay should have at least fifteen relevant or expert sources listed in research. Why fifteen? The answer is primarily due to the fact that with this number (or higher) it is clear that you incorporated many viewpoints and did not just take the first few that you found. The medical world is always finding new data as a result of constant tests and studies. Therefore, it is never a good idea for a writer to use facts and statistics from unreliable or speculation based sources. Medical journals and books written on the subject by experts are the best way to approach this sensitive and serious topic.

Formulating a strong essay requires good research skills. Students that choose this as a subject to write about might not understand the complexity of it and should make sure that they are willing to go the extra mile. A choppy paper is easy to spot. Just because you chose a great topic does not mean that the reader will be so impressed that they’ll forget about quality. The quality of the content is much more important than the topic of the essay.

A cancer essay should have some substance to it. It should not merely be facts and figures but something that will spark the reader’s interest from the beginning and hold it steady all the way through. Don’t bore your reader. You need to find a way to present the evidence in your essay in such a way that will entice them to finish and see your point. Be clear and concise when writing while trying to avoid repetition. These are a few problematic areas that need attention. Making yourself aware of these common issues when writing on important essay subjects such as this one will help you focus.

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Essays on Birds. What it Takes to Write an Essay on Birds?

People have admired pet birds, for example parrots or canaries, for centuries. When it comes to pet birds, we imagine some sweet looking creature with an amazing singing ability and bright appearance. So essays on birds are very interesting, pleasant and engaging tasks for the writer. To succeed with this academic writing, pay attention to a few important writing tips.

1) The student is to remember that one’s whole essay should have a central topic. You are to organize your essay around this topic and to unite your all ideas with it. So in one’s essay on birds it is very important to have a general flow of thoughts.
2) In one’s essay about birds the student should mainly concentrate on one’s feelings and emotions. Facts are also important; however, one’s warm emotions are the main factors to succeed with this task. The more personal the student will be the better grade one is to receive as the essay’s success is in being honest.
3) Another important feature of a successful essay on birds is a comprehensive subject research. The student is to search different sources and state one’s opinion, supporting it with the research results.
4) The student may include personal experiences of taking care about one’s pet bird and the happy moments along with the responsibility it brings. Personal experiences may provide a great field for making one’s essay more personal and thus more interesting and intriguing for the audience.
5) You will definitely find many good examples of essays on birds online to expand your vision on how to write your own one. You may also check some free custom essays or custom term papers to find more interesting ideas for your essay.

Essays on birds mainly relate the reasons why it is good or bad to have a pet bird. One’s essay on birds is to include some facts to support one’s thoughts.

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John Lautner Turns 100: A Tribute to the Architect

Perhaps, the crew, tired of the exhausting space trip, found a resort on Earth. Though you can’t believe it, but this is a house, and ordinary human beings and not the mysterious guests from the other planets can live there. However, the fantastic building of glass and light impresses you so much that you think that its creator is a genius alien because no human can create such place, but I should make you change your opinion because it’s a creation of talented architect, John Lautner, whose works you can observe at the exhibition, John Lautner Turns 100 series.
This great event in the world of design is dedicated to the architect that can change your world views towards how the modern house or building should look like. You can buy essays or essay paper about John Lautner and make a tribute to the talent of the person who was meant to be the second greatest architect of the modern days according to his teacher Frank Lloyd Wright’s statement. The exhibition that is held from July 16 till November 13, 2011 introduces to the observers the best of John Lautner’s works. It also includes films, home tours, symposia, and receptions . The event is held both in Los Angeles, California and Marquette, Michigan. You can present the best gift to the great architect for his 100 anniversary, appreciating his works and admiring his imagination and talent .


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